Get Access to Over 7,000 Products for Your Pawn Shop

At Amazing Wholesale Prices

By choosing us as your wholesale partner for your pawn shop, you'll get access to quality products that are the perfect supplement to your exisiting inventory

Why Supplement Your Inventory With Wholesale Products?

Just imagine: Someone comes into your store and wants to buy a guitar. There are only two on the wall currently, and the empty spaces where guitars are supposed to go is jarring. The individual doesn't find a guitar that fits their needs, so they leave.

This could have been prevented by mixing new product with used product to meet the customer's needs.


By adding wholesale inventory, you'll:

Catch the eye of and sell to individuals who are pawning items

Keep customers in the store longer and coming back more with a larger selection

Fill voids in existing inventory to capitalize on customers looking for specific merchandise

Differentiate your products from those of Amazon and WalMart

Your Pawn Shop Merchandise Distributor

We began as the first pawn shop in Texas, so we know what it's like running a small outfit and struggling to keep a healthy inventory of attractive product for customers. Over the past 43 years, we've been distributing to pawn shops and other retailers. All of this in the effort of making a difference in your business.

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