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Cyclops  Micro Mini LED Hat Clip Light

CYC-MHC-W Cyclops Micro Mini LED Hat Clip Light

Features 10 Lumens 5 super bright LED with built-in 15 angle tilt Weighs less than an ounce, top mount design does not obstruct vision Burn Time: 1...

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M&M Merchandisers has three brands of wholesale flashlights: Cyclops, Guard Dog, and Promier. Among these brands, there are several categories including battery-operated lights, rechargeable lights, headlamps, and lanterns. M&M also offers tactical lighting, a type of low-lighting that is popular among law enforcement officers, hunters, and warfighters. All of these lights are lightweight, long-lasting, weather or impact resistant, easy to maintain, and can range anywhere from $2.00 to $100.00. Additionally, many have adjustable brightness and reach considerable range. Their convenience, lightweight features, durability, and high brightness make these lights ideal for wholesale. They appeal to many types of customers and withstand different weather conditions while still maintaining their effectiveness and quality.
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